We invite you to spend your holidays with us, our activities include:

  • Lodging in a solid, wooden, red blockhouse, go hiking in the wild forests, hillsides, moors and swamps, do some canoeing, fishing, swimming, cycling, sauna and smoke sauna bathing on our crystal clear lakeside, mere steps away from your lodgings.

  • A professionally run riding court is located some 7 kilometers from our compound.

  • Some of the best mushroom and wild berry grounds are situated in the surrounding countryside, just waiting to be picked.

  • Winter activities include a 3 km long ecologically lit cross country ski trail starting from our courtyard. Snowshoes are available for those who want to explore the snowy wilderness at a more leisurely pace.

  • If the weather allows it's possible to do some ice skating on either the lake or on our private ice rink. A hole in the ice can be made for those venturous enough to take part in the ultimate bathing experience and take a quick dip in the below zero lake. The freezing water offers a nice contrast to the steaming sauna. Highly recommended to those who don't suffer from heart issues!

  • There is an open fire place grill in the courtyard for cooking sausages, smoking fish etc. and ofcourse just for sitting around and staring into the fire.

  • Picture the northern lights and Father Christmas flying across the sky with his reindeer.. Watch the Milky Way above; you are surrounded by the cleanest air and brightest skies of the Arctic. Take your telescope along to have this unforgettable experience and witness the aurora borealis from a frontrow seat!

  • We are a member of ECEAT (European Center for Eco Agro Tourism).
Askan Erämajat, Pudasjärventie 217, 89200 Puolanka, Finland Tel. +358 40 866 7817, email.